Thoughts on the Final Exam

Something about the final exam.

So tomorrow is the final exam for the whole semester. I'd like to summarize what I've done and share some personal thoughts here, ignore if you dislike them. I don't like to write those in Chinese because it feels so shame to write those. But I would like to share those to my friends though. So I wrote this in pure English.


Generally speaking, I made some improvement on math this year but indeed not for Chinese. Apart from the first mid-term exam taken in the first half of the semester (in which I will talk about it later in this article), my Chinese score had fall a lot comparing to primary school. In elementary school I seldomly get a score lower than 90. Honestly. But now it's like hardly above 80.

So let me make a reasonable guess. Maybe I'm not so good in Chinese - and that's for sure but also awful. But middle school is so different than elementary school for me - in elementary school, I can't do anything aside for learning. But in middle school, it's like - you can do whatever you wanted. I tried to retain my own flow of learning in middle school when I first got there, and it turned out to be working great, at least for that period. So I used the same old method of learning in the first half of the semester and got an acceptable score.

When I say the primary school of learning for me, is just paying attention while having a class and finish the homework, not including doing extra exercises. To be honest, I'm not really used to having extra exercises, because I've never had them before in primary school. Although I got a good score on Chinese for that time, I didn't get a good score on math. (92 I guess?) Through the first grade to the fifth grade, I almost get a perfect score on math every time. But from the sixth grade, my math score fell like crazy. For once I got 80 on math in the sixth grade, which hurts me a lot. And I don't understand why - I know how to solve those problems but couldn't give out the correct answer.

The same happens for me in that mid-term exam. For Chinese, I'm like shocked when I see the score. I never knew that I could get that score in middle school because a lot of my former classmates were complaining about it. I think the main reason of getting this is my attitude. I'm taking the exam as normal and didn't even panic - just like in primary school. That may helped me a lot throughout my childhood. Also because I'm a lucky dog.


Starting from the last half of the semester (after winter holiday), I started to do more exercises. Partly because I felt helpless on every single subject - I didn't know how to get a better score. I tried to do some math exercises and turned out to be very hard at the beginning. But still, I didn't give up. Thanks to my perseverance, I gradually get better and better in math. The reason I know this and think it as a fact is that at first my math score is way below one of my friend's (and maybe she'll never read this article), but now it's me better than her.

But talking about Chinese, I have only a few words to say. I started to hate it. It's making me very stressed and frustrating. Sometimes I even wish that I'm born in an English country instead of China. It's so hard to understand everything and you just couldn't write it AS IT. It's like guessing what the author wanted to say and guessing what the teacher wanted you to write about. I hate Chinese.


I guess I have a lot to improve in this summer holiday. Maybe less screen time and more time to do math problems (and physics), in order to perform better at school. For Chinese, I think I may need to read more books in the future and do more specific exercises. I'm way far from being a profession in those. Anyway, good luck tomorrow.

But to be honest, my favorite subject is informatics.

Thanks for taking time to read this article.